Cultivating Safety in Agritourism

Did you know that 40% of children visiting farms are injured each year? Most of these injuries are preventable! Attend this interactive workshop and learn how to integrate safety in your agritourism planning, reduce risks and grow your profits.


Starting a Food Business in Florida

Are you thinking of starting a catering business, restaurant, food truck, grocery store or adding value to your farm/garden products? If yes, this seminar is for you! Representatives from food regulatory agencies will show you how to get started and answer your questions. Gain in one day, information that could take months to research on your own! Space is limited, so register today.


Recipe to Reality Seminar

This intensive one-day training provides food entrepreneurs with an understanding of key factors to consider when starting a food manufacturing business. Offered in partnership with the Food Processing Center at the University of Nebraska. Avoid costly mistakes and gain in one day, information that could take months to research on your own!


Food Safety on the Farm

Food safety is a very important aspect of farm management, whether you are selling directly to consumers, grocery stores, restaurants or food distributors. Reduce contamination risks and loss of income by learning how to create and implement a personalized food safety plan for your farm in this one-day training.


Food Handler Certificate

Start your career in the food industry with the Food Handler Certificate Training. Considered as the first-course in food safety principles, this comprehensive program provides food handlers with knowledge needed to ensure safe handling of food for human consumption.


Food Safety Manager Certification

Are you looking to get to the next level in your career, enhance your opportunity for employment or advancement in the food service industry? Do you have employees who need to be Certified Food Safety Managers? Students who attend this one-day training and pass the exam will earn the nationwide- approved Food Safety Manager Certification.


Festival and Event Management

Increase your farm income with festivals and special events. Learn the fundamentals of event planning, event management and best practices in this one-day training.



Imagine a rewarding career that lets you share your love of agriculture, traveling and making new friends. Welcome to agritourism!


Backyard Gardening

Would you like to grow your own fruits and vegetables, give some to friends, or sell your surplus at a farmer’s market? Let us show you how to get started!


Beginning Farmers and Ranchers

Do you have a green thumb or enjoy caring for animals? Are you a beginning farmer or rancher? Learn how to reap profits from your passion and create your own ag/food related enterprise!